Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reviews
December 10, 2013 Black Jamaican Castor Oil
Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reviews

Did your parents or grandparents ever tell you stories about being forced to drink pure or black castor oil when they were sick? Castor oil has been a reliable and natural remedy that has been used all over the world for centuries. It comes from a tiny castor bean, and these beans grow all over the world.

Castor oil has also been used as a natural and effective hair tonic. Most of you are probably familiar with light or clear oil. This is extracted from the beans by cold-pressing them without cooking them at all.

There is some confusion about the appearance of different types of castor oil, and so it should be helpful to write some Jamaican black castor oil reviews.

However, there is a dark oil produced in Jamaica, and this is called black Jamaican castor oil. It is made out of the same type of beans, but it is extracted after these beans have been roasted and boiled. The ash produced during the cooking process gives this oil a dark color. This process also helps release more of the active ingredients in these beans so they can be better absorbed by the body.

This dark product is made out of the same type of natural bean, but it is just processed differently. Imports from the island country of Jamaica to other countries have been increasing, and you might be interested in the growing popularity of this product.

Jamaican black castor oil benefits are limitless. It is typically used as a hair tonic in the US. It can have immediate and long-term benefits as a way to condition hair, moisturize hair, protect hair, and even encourage the growth of hair.

As a conditioner, simply apply the oil to your hair and scalp after you wash it and before you style it. Your hair and scalp should absorb it very well, so this product should not leave your hair feeling greasy. Remember that a little goes a long way, so you should only apply a dab of it until you figure out how much you need.

Your hair should look smoother and sleeker, and you should have an easier time styling it. If you use heat or chemicals to style your hair, this product also helps protect it from drying out or getting damaged.

In time, you should also notice that your hair grows thicker and fuller. This is because the oil can also be absorbed by your scalp, and it supplies essential oils and helps stimulate blood circulation. This is one of the reasons that people relied upon this oil for a health tonic too.

Some people also use this oil on their skin to moisturize, protect, and heal it. Your skin can absorb the oil and use vital nutrients to repair itself and retain natural moisture. Check the article on how to use Jamaican black castor oil as a natural remedy.

This oil is effective on all types of hair from very straight to super-kinky. It is also a natural and healthy product with no known negative side-effects. It is possible that some people are allergic to many different types of natural oils. If you tend to have allergies, ask your doctor or only start with a small sample.

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