Castor Oil Laxative Dosage
November 21, 2013 Castor Oil Laxative
Castor Oil Laxative Dosage

If you’re wondering about castor oil laxative dosage for your constipation, listen up and read this article because we’re going to show you how much and how often you should take castor oil in order to effectively treat constipation.

How does it work? It works by acting as a laxative to your small and large intestines. It lubricates the bowels without absorbing moisture from the intestinal lining. Fecal matter is washed away in the process.

Ideally, you should consult with your doctor and get a prescription for how much and how often you should ingest it, but if you can’t wait for your doctor’s appointment, here is the info on castor oil laxative dosage : it’s one teaspoon for adults and have a teaspoon for children. Since it is a natural treatment for constipation, you will want to use that castor oil laxative dosage when it is most effective. Take it immediately after waking up and before you eat breakfast. Since castor oil has a weird taste, you can take it in juice, however, this may greatly affect how long it’s going to take effect. If you take pure castor oil, you can literally feel the effects in four to six hours. Take castor oil for several days on an empty stomach.

To ensure that you’re using a really effective product, take care to buy castor oil products that are all-natural, if possible buy a castor oil bottle that says “cold pressed on the label”. Commercial cast oil products are made by extracting the oil from the castor beans using solvents and chemicals which affects the purity of the castor oil and, in effect, their effectiveness.

Since there are many brands of castor oil out there, it is always better to buy it from Amazon or eBay. Why? Because you can read reviews by different users, helping you decide which brands are better.

Take note, however, because you might see reviews that are only related to castor oil being a hair regrowth product. (If you’re also interested in using castor oil this way, there are many Youtube videos that show you how to use it exactly to grow your hair back.)

You might need to weed out different reviews before you can find something that’s related to castor oil as a laxative product. In any case, when shopping for castor oil, make sure you read the label aside from comparing prices. There might be castor bottles out that have instructions on how to use it as a laxative. But if you ask us, it’s really not enough to use castor oil to relieve constipation. You need to drink plenty of water and consume lots of fiber too.

Please take note that castor oil is really just a temporary fix for constipation. If, after using it consistently for seven days you’re still suffering from constipation, you should stop using it and consult your doctor right away. You might need a more forceful solution to your constipation, something a lot stronger than castor oil.

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