Black Castor Oil
November 25, 2013 What Is Castor Oil
Black Castor Oil

If you’ve been doing some research on what is castor oil, you’ve probably come across Jamaican black castor oil. And you might be wondering, how is it any different from regular castor products. Well, it’s actually being marketing as THE product to use if you have a thinning hairline. And if you search on Youtube, you will see many uses for castor oil.

But if you’ve been using castor oil for some time on your scalp, you’re probably wondering how black castor oil is any different. I mean, will it make your hair lush at lightning speeds? Well, that probably isn’t the case, but there are many people that their hair grew back faster.

But if you ask us, however, there really is no way of telling if there is anything special about black castor – they just come from different varieties of the same castor see. For one thing, no clinical studies have yet been done, or at least none that we know of.

That said, you can buy the black castor extract but don’t blame us if it falls short of your expectations. Anyway, if you don’t know the first thing about castor oil, you should know that it’s one of those natural products out there that have been used and is still being used worldwide for different reasons, the most common of which is hair growth. So, if you have a receding hairline, or thin eyebrows, you should try using castor oil, however, you need to know that not all castor products are created alike, and there are castor bottles out there that are purer than most thus, in effect, making them more effective than others.

If you’re going to buy a bottle of castor oil, look for the label that says “cold pressed” or “organic” or 100% natural. Otherwise, if it’s just ordinary castor oil granules, you can be sure the castor beans were pressed for their oil using chemicals and solvents, making them less pure and making them less potent.

Can you go wrong in buying castor oil? Only if you don’t read what’s on the label. Like we said earlier, a bottle of castor oil is only as good as the purity of its content. You might pay a little more when you cold-pressed, organic or natural brands, but at least you know the product is effective just as nature had intended it.

Anyway, aside from growing thinning hair, you can actually use castor oil to treat skin inflammations and if you use the cold-pressed castor oil version, you can actually take it as a food supplement to prevent diseases and treat certain conditions like high blood pressure.

So, where to buy castor oil online? There are many online stores out there that sell castor oil, but we suggest you buy your supply either from Amazon or eBay. Why? Because you can reviews while buying. Thus, you’re able to weigh which brand would work for you. Be sure to read the review, you can’t go wrong when you do.

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