Castor Oil Granules
December 1, 2013 What Is Castor Oil
Castor Oil Granules

While there is no doubt you’ve already heard about castor and castor oil, it’s highly unlikely you’ve heard about castor oil granules. What is castor oil and what are the granules of this supplement? Well, like castor oil they are derived from castor beans, however, they are processed in such a way that they come out as granules instead of oil.

Unlike cold-pressed castor oil which you can take as a dietary supplement, castor oil granules are not something you want to serve at dinner. They taste bad, but if you have a garden, it will keep away armadillos, moles, and gophers that are competing for your plants. If you’ve ever handled castor oil granules as a home remedy, then you already know how bad it tastes. If you picture those garden intruders, they are actually sensitive to the smell of castor oil.

What are the major uses for castor oil granules? Take a handful of castor granules and spread them evenly on the ground and then water the ground, or you can wait for the rain. You can also distribute them by using an automatic spread, just make sure you set it to the lowest distribution rate. If you do what we tell you, you won’t be seeing your garden intruders again, not until the scent of the castor oil wears off.

If you don’t know the first thing about castor oil, you should know that it’s one of Mother Nature’s best products. The castor bean from which it is derived contains at least 65% oil which contains nutrients, minerals and essential oil for curing certain and preventing diseases as well as for growing hair back. Yes, you read it right, grow your hair back.

If for some reason, your hair is thinning, just take a bottle of castor oil and apply it to your scalp just before you sleep. Make sure, however, that the castor oil you use is cold-pressed because it means it’s a pure product with all of its goodness intact. Cold pressed simply means the oil was extracted using the cold press method. According to TheMoleman site, most castor oil products use chemicals to extract the oil because it is cheap, but this also affects the purity of the castor as well as its effectiveness. It could even negatively affect your health if you have a strong reaction to the chemical that was used to extract the castor oil.

Thus, no matter what you do, only use 100% organic and natural castor oil or cold-pressed castor oil. Cold-pressed castor oil is something that you can take as a food supplement to improve your health as well as to cure certain health conditions like high blood pressure.

While you can buy organic and natural black castor oil bottles Amazon or eBay, you might need to search for specialty food shops in order to find cold-pressed castor oil. This shouldn’t be a problem, just search for natural health shops on Google or any other search engine. Before you buy, make sure you do comparison shopping to get the best price. Check our next article on where to buy castor oil online, and cheap.

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